Michael Simon Accomplishments

Class Action Litigation


  • Represented Plaintiff in landmark case establishing Fair Housing Act remedies for consumers against private mortgage insurance companies.


  • Litigated and settled claim against national retailer in 23 states for off the clock work


  • Litigated and settled case against paving company which established right of drivers to overtime compensation.


  • Obtained summary judgment against in-state retailer that determined the fluctuating work week method of overtime was illegal under the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act.

Civil Litigation

  • Litigated and resolved case against large commercial real estate developer for surface water run-off damage.


  • Litigated settled sexual harassment case against surgeon by three (3) female employees.


  • Jury verdict following month long trial against national insurance company for negligent actions of their independent broker.


  • Jury verdict against mobile home park operator after intentionally destroying mobile home of tenant.


  • Obtained injunction against real estate developer for infringing on rights of private property owners in residential development.


  • Litigated and recovered recovery of substantial sums taken by children of incapacitated family member.


  • Litigated the return of certificates of deposit taken with fraudulently obtained power of attorney.


  • Litigated the return of real property to elderly widow through fraud committed by family member involving proceedings in both bankruptcy and Common Pleas court.


  • Litigated case resulting in reappointment of fired police officer in major urban city.
  • Obtained several reported decisions in the Pennsylvania appellate courts concerning the interpretation of the unemployment laws and the interpretation of the regulations involving unemployment compensation proceedings.


  • Litigated to verdict slander of title case.


  • Litigated bankruptcy fraud case involving recovery of approximately $250,000.00 in liquid assets.


  • Litigated and recovered real property of minor children fraudulently taken by grandparents.


  • Litigated to verdict personal injury actions (both for Plaintiff and Defense) as well as cases for misrepresentation, fraud and racial discrimination.


  • Defended clients in FLSA audits involving overtime and wage payments.


  • Litigated and recovered substantial assets for victims of Ponzi real estate investment scheme created by CPA and investment advisor.