Our Clients & Our Success

We have a proven record of our efforts in both the Federal and State Courts. We have provided you with pdf’s of court opinions and other documents that are described below that are the best barometer of our ability and talent.

Carly F. Neals vs. Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation
Dominic Vargas, Anne Hickok, et al. vs. GNC
Tawny L. Chevalier and Andrew Hiller vs. GNC

This was a case brought on behalf of pregnant women that were denied private mortgage insurance. This case extended the protections provided to pregnant women and others under the Fair Housing Act to private mortgage insurers.

R & S

This was a case that established the right of various store managers and other employees of GNC to recover for time they contended they were required to work “off the clock”.

R & S

This is a case brought in state court that established that the use of the fluctuating work week, which only pays half-time overtime was illegal within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.