The Types of Cases We Handle

R & S

Adrian Roe:

Immigration Litigation

Defense of removal proceedings before the Executive Office of Immigration Review including assertion of claims for asylum, withholding of removal and Convention Against Torture (“CAT”) deferral. Defense of proceedings seeking termination of permanent residency and removal. Defense and prosecution of immigration cases in federal court including denaturalization and illegal reentry.

Wage and Hour Litigation

Class Action

Named co-counsel for plaintiff classes in following cases: Patterson v. Fidelity National Title Insurance Co., Nos. GD-03-021176 and GD-05-017476, 2013 W.L. 3502094 (Allegh. Cty., Pa. June 24, 2013); Neals v. MGIC, Civil Action No. 10-1291, 2011 W.L. 1897442 (W.D. Pa. Apr. 6, 2011); Chevalier v. General Nutrition Centers, Inc., No., GD 13-017194 (Allegh. Cty. Pa. Oct. 20, 2014); Pedder v. Tar Wars Trucking, Inc., 2:13-cv-454 (W.D. Pa.); Vargas v. GNC General Nutrition Centers, Inc., 2012 W.L. 3544733.

Non-Competes & Unfair Trade Practices

Federal Criminal Defense

All aspects of defense of federal criminal cases from pre-indictment investigation through trial and appeal.

R & S

Michael Simon:

Civil Litigation

Loss of Employment


Civil Rights

Business Litigation